Innovation core

Though no limit exists is the only way to innovate in the fast-paced generation now, I should set limit on “IN” and “OUT” of myself. Why? Two reasons:

  • The 1st: Limit is private deep insecure. Insecure lead motivation and innovation.
  • The 2nd: Set innovative core.

Firstly, why Insecure makes sense? Insercure is IN, meaning inside parts of a person. CEO of Google Sundar Pichai said: “It is always good to work with people who make you feel insecure about yourself. That way, you will constantly keep pushing your limits,” Steve Job is with deeply insecure for most of his life; INTP (Based on MBTI Test) with inccuracy insecure; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patient with an action of checking things repeatly. Insecure is a deep-rooted fear and uncomfortable status of people in certain situations. It is private. Surprisingly, based on that, people can notice and control themself to get out of that unpleasantness and lead to the best version of themself. Moreover, according to number four of Ten principles of Economics: “People respond to incentives”. The most incentive ever is the most private insecure of every person.

Then, how about the second reason? In fact I used to be highly risky like a child having faced with new venture and passion in my gap education year. After restless failure as well as success, I thought, directionlessness played as the only core poisionous virus burying any plans to hopelessness. Actually, it helped. But another problem came up: too strict and not adaptable to new mistakes and changes. So, should I keep on hitting troubles, waste so much re-charge time and make changes, while that action always follows re-structurization on add-up basis? Yup, finally got it. That’s it: set Innovative core.

Following is my next 10-year innovative core:

  • IN: Aquarius February 10th, INTP, Part of INTJ
  • fBig picture, lack of details
  • Work without rules + Freedom + Highly creative and effective
  • Inaccuracy insecure
  • Active + Positive + Exploration
  • Visionary and organized leader


  • OUT: Hard and soft skills, language learning


  • Leader/co-founder early stage, build from scratch.
  • Creative leader
  • Business analysis



  • Leadership
  • Analysis
  • HR: Psychology-based
  • Problem solving
  • Communication and public speaking (Upsell, persuade and discuss, network)



Language learning

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish



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