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About An

Hello there!

First of all, I want to say that I love smiling and always desire for the World of smile and peace.

I am An Bui – an INTP Feb10 Aquarius. For the sake of Analysis and Exploration passion, I fit into so many hobbies and capacities, included: Strategizing, Innovating, Reading and Writing. For standards, I crazily love being creative and free.

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Text me when you wanna be friends. My pleasure!

Innovative core

 Would you like to explore me? Ok, just 2 mins for 10-year experience.

If my personal Growth Hacking up to a very now is an off-key train journey, I think, it consisted of three on-key stations: While the 1st is the most pure and venturous; the 2nd is, by turn, hurt and harsh; the final, however, is simple: INNOVATIVE CORE.

I want to live full in a limited age.


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